World leaders in underwater and industrial cutting and welding,
tactical forced entry and rescue & repair tools,
and hardfacing and specialty alloys.

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Broco, Inc.® and Rankin Industries, Inc.® are headquartered in Ontario, California, and most products are available through a global network of distributors. For further information and product availability please visit our Distributors pages at www.broco-rankin.com, or call us at (909) 483-3222. 


Broco® Underwater Cutting & Welding

Broco® Underwater's patented products and proprietary formulas make underwater cutting and welding jobs safer, faster and more economical. 


Broco® Military, Tactical, Fire and Rescue

Broco is a proud supplier of Exothermic Cutting Systems to military and law enforcement tactical teams around the world.


Broco® Industrial

Broco® Exothermic Cutting Systems are the professional's first choice for cutting, gouging and piercing.


Rankin Hardfacing

Rankin Hardfacing provides superior buildup and wear resistance products that deliver superior performance.



The new Broco Rapid Deploy Bulletproof Backpack provides both front and back protection.


Rankin PMA Protective Metal Alloys

Rankin’s PMA division manufactures specialty nickel alloy and wear resistance products that offer quality, consistency and repeatability.

Broco Rankin New Products

Broco Tactical 9 inch quickie cutoff saw

Broco Tactical 9 Inch Cutoff Saw

The new Broco Tactical 9 Inch Cutoff Saw has more power, gives more depth of cut, and has longer lasting batteries than any saw in its class, bridging the gap between other tools and a gasoline saw.


Broco® Breacher Training Door

The new Broco Breacher Training Door is the most versatile training door on the market today.  The new Broco Breacher Training Door can be used freestanding and can be easily mounted into a container or a shoot house. 

NEW! Broco® Rapid Deploy Ballistic Protection Sport Backpack

Broco’s new Rapid Deploy Sport Backpack looks like a standard backpack anyone would carry, except this backpack has two hidden body armor plates — one in the front and a second in the back — for ballistic protection in an emergency.

We Get It

At Broco, Inc. and Rankin Industries we are committed to engineering and manufacturing superior products that deliver quality performance, and listening to our clients and users by providing professional customer service.  We have a long history of innovation and product breakthroughs, yet we never stop searching for new ways to do things better, sometimes even a little differently.

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