Brocuda® Hydraulic Tool with Broco Blade Kit

$4,395.00 Tax

From Broco Underwater – the Brocuda Hydraulic Tool with Broco Blade Kit. Brocuda can be used for grinding, polishing, core drilling and cleaning. Can be used both topside and underwater. Applications include construction, underwater cutting, cleaning of ship hulls and propellers, salvage, demolition, and concrete and metal cutting when used with a Broco Diamond Blade. Brocuda has a standard 5/8 inch -11 threaded spindle and can be used with a variety of wheels, brushes and other attachments.

Includes Broco Blade Kit with the 9″ Broco Diamond Blade, and spanner and flange kit for attachments.

Weight 272 oz
Dimensions 20 × 13 × 10 in


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