Ranomatic® 969-G Hardfacing Wire

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Ranomatic 969-G Hardfacing Wire is a general purpose hardfacing alloy which provides a good balance of abrasion and impact resistance. As a modified tool steel material, it is used for metal-to-metal applications and for metal-to-earth parts. Rockwell C Hardness is typically 55-60 with two to three layers recommended. Ranomatic 969-G is a versatile alloy which can be applied to carbons, alloys and manganese steel, and provides an excellent matrix for bulk tungsten carbide deposits.

Recommended for use with the Rankin Industries Manual Vibratory Carbide Feeder.

  • 1/16″ x 25lb Spool

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0.035" x 10lb spool, 0.035" x 25lb spool, 0.045" x 10lb spool, 0.045" x 25lb spool, 1/16" x 25lb spool, 1/16″ x 10lb spool